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1. The Client expresses his acceptance through a click, the secret key, and/or any other means of authentication that complements and/or replaces said keys, as well as mechanisms that imply the manifestation of the Client's willingness to accept. The manifestation of will of The Client can be made through the handwritten and/or electronic signature, as well as that provided by electronic and/or virtual means, such as, for example: entry of keys or passwords, click, voice, biometric data (fingerprint fingerprint, facial identification, etc.), among others.

2. The Client may acquire and/or contract various technological products and services through digital means, or other means that NGS makes available to them (hereinafter, Digital Channels).


3. The Client understands that the process and/or the acceptance mechanisms established by NGS in this Digital Channel have been clear and have allowed him to express his voluntary, free and express acceptance, having been able to clear up any doubts he may have had.


4. The Client declares to have become aware of the main commercial characteristics of the TellMe product, or any other product that NGS offers or may offer for this type of service that it wishes to contract, as well as the process of offering them, which have been presented through NGS Digital Channels; which also implies the mandatory change of the key.


6. The Client is solely responsible for supplying the data, therefore, he submits to the administrative and/or criminal responsibilities that Peruvian law has provided for this purpose. The Client is aware of his obligation to keep his personal data updated.


7. The Client, by accepting these Terms and Conditions, guarantees that the information provided is true and truthful and undertakes to inform NGS of any changes in this regard. The Client assumes responsibility for any damages that may be caused as a result of delivering or providing false, incomplete or inaccurate information.


8. The Terms and Conditions of the product and/or service are available to The Client in the Digital Channels for their preservation and subsequent consultation. The Client declares to know that these Terms and Conditions may be eventually modified so that its current version will be available on the same Digital Channels.


9. The Client undertakes to personally operate their session, any operation carried out by The Client through the Digital Channels will be presumed made by The Client under their full responsibility.

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